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Pinklets by Abby

About Us

My Aunt Cindy was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2009 at the age of 46. In Febuary of 2014, we found out that the cancer was back. She has a great attitude and continues to stay active while b attleing this horrible disease. She is fortinate that her cancer has been responding to a combination of targeted drug therapy and cyber-knife surgery. In order to continue to fight this horrible disease, new drug therapies need to be developed! I started makeing jewelry in June of 2014 in order to raise money for breast cancer reserch. I started hand making each piece of jewelry at 13. At first I started selling jewelry to family, and friends, and then selling jewelry at garage sales. My original goal was to raise $1,000. I heve surpassed this goal and intend to continue this project indefinately! I hope this money that is being raised will end up helping reserchers and scientists find a cure to breast cancer. A portion of all the proceeds go to breast cancer reserch.

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